Why Batchelor Law

When you are injured either at work or as a result of some third party’s negligence, you need an experienced lawyer who is aggressive, ethical, and who can produce results. As a trial attorney with over 25 years of experience, James A. Batchelor has successfully represented hundreds of injured Minnesotans. That representation included litigation involving the workers compensation and no-fault statutes, personal injuries of all types, short and long-term disability claims as well as claims for social security disability.

James A. Batchelor specializes in guiding people with injuries through the legal process to obtain for them the compensation they deserve. Jim believes in two critical principals as a lawyer. First, be available to his clients to answer their questions honestly and understandably. Secondly, he believes all cases should be prepared like they will be tried to a judge or jury. The best prepared cases get the best settlement results. If a settlement is not reasonable, then let the court system work. James A. Batchelor has successfully tried hundreds of workers compensation claims, has argued and won cases before the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals, and the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The insurance companies already have great representation. You should too. If you have been injured contact attorney James A. Batchelor for a free consultation by phone at +1(612) 349-2737 or by email: jab@batchelorlaw.net.


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