Car Crash Compensation in Minneapolis, MN

Being in a car crash can be a traumatic and physically trying ordeal, and much of the time it’s not even your fault!  Batchelor Law can review the facts of your  crash and determine if you are eligible for damages.

Many people have opinions and offer ideas about how Minnesotans should react after an auto collision. Being involved in a car crash can be traumatic and unsettling enough without conflicting information about how to respond.

First, if you are able, be sure to discuss insurance coverage with the other driver and ensure that you get their carrier information and their personal contact information. Your insurance carrier will also tell you not to discuss who is at fault for the crash unless the other driver offers an apology or admission of fault. If they do, make a note of it. Second, be sure to call law enforcement and report the car crash. Third, be sure to notify your insurer that you were involved in a car crash even if the other party caused the crash.

Suffering injuries in a car crash can be devastating physically and economically. Batchelor Law will walk you through the steps of proper notification to the various insurers and deal with the proper parties if someone involved in the car crash was UNinsured. If necessary, we will hire investigators to uncover the truth regarding the cause of the crash. We will deal directly with the medical providers and the insurers to verify that all entities have the requisite information to ensure prompt claim payment.

Minnesota is a no fault state for purposes of injuries arising out of the maintenance or use of a motor vehicle. That fact alone creates a whole different level of issues, rights and responsibilities. No fault insurance (Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage) pays for immediate damages like wage loss, medical expenses and out of pocket expenses that result from injuries sustained in car crashes. We will also deal with the other party’s insurer and any under-insurer if applicable. We will push those parties to compensate you for the injuries, harms and damages you sustained as result of a car crash that you did not cause.

Involvement in a car crash can turn a life upside down. Let Batchelor Law Firm, PA deal with the other party, the insurers and the treatment providers. We have 25 years of experience handling car crash claims. We can dramatically reduce the economic impact of the crash and resulting injuries by reducing your stress so you can focus on your treatment and recovery.

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