Workers Compensation Questions:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Motor Vehicle Crashes & Workmans Compensation Questions.  If you would like to discuss your case, call us at 612-349-2737

1Do I need to notify my employer to bring a workers compensation claim?

YES, or your representative should. The notice provisions in the MN Workers compensation statute are strict. In the best case scenario you want your employer to be on notice that you were not only injured, but INJURED AT WORK, within 30 days of the onset of the injury.

2What if my injury developed gradually and not in a single incident, am I still covered?

Yes, you are and this is where the Notice requirements can be confusing. If you develop a cumulative trauma type injury (one that develops because of something you do repeatedly at work as opposed to single incident in which you fall from a ladder or are hit by a vehicle) and you see a doctor, it is best to get your employer notice of the injury and that you think it is work related within 30 days of that first doctor visit.


3Can my employer punish me or even fire me for filing claim?

The employer should not and can face huge penalties and a law suit if they do, so it is unlikely they will. If the employer, however, ignores that the Minnesota Workers compensation statute protects you by providing wage loss and vocational rehabilitation assistance while you are restricted in your activities due to an injury.

Motor Vehicle Questions:

1Whose insurance company pays for my medical care if I get injured in a car crash someone else caused?

Your insurance company, known as “No-Fault” or your PIP-personal injury protection,  coverage, pays for out of pocket expenses, replacement services, medical bills and partial wage loss if those losses occur due to injuries arising out of the maintenance or use of a motor vehicle.

2Can I sue the person who caused the crash for my damages?

Maybe. In order to bring a claim for damages against a negligent driver who caused crash you must meet a minimum “tort threshold”. There are three such thresholds and you need not meet them all but must meet at least one: 60 days of total disability form your activities of daily living, suffer permanent injury or incur more than $4,000.00 in non-diagnostic medical care. That means the cost of x rays, CT and MRI scans do not count toward the $4,000.00 threshold.


3Should I call my insurer after a crash?

yes, I would recommend you call your agent even if someone else caused the crash.

4If the other driver’s insurance company, or MY insurance company, calls and wants to take a recorded statement should I do it?

I recommend against  giving a recorded statement to an insurer. If you suffered injuries in a crash and have property damage to your vehicle, I recommend that you at least consult with lawyer who specializes in the area or personal injury and listen to his/her advice.

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