“My First Blog”

This is my first blog…ever.

I have been practicing law for 22 years and it never occurred to me to write one. The experts will not like it. I am not following their rules and advice. It’s not written for them. It’s to, and for, my current and any potential clients.

I started my own firm for several reasons. One of those reasons arose out of a specific philosophy of how

to practice law and what it means to represent a client. My goal is to provide legal service

to each individual client based upon their specific needs and to cater my litigation strategy to that person’s circumstances and their, not my, goals. In order to do that I need to do what many professionals do not do well: listen. I need to hear not only what people say, but what they don’t.

James Batchelor


I promise to ask questions and to actually listen to the answers, not try to fit each client into a mold that fits a previously used pattern, but to create a new plan and strategy unique to that individual. In order to do that requires extensive client input. The case/claim belongs to you, not me. I need to ask the correct questions to obtain the big picture version, but also the small details of each person’s circumstances. Each individual comes from a different set of circumstances unique to only that person. A person

injured at work and unable to work in their labor-intensive job due to doctor-imposed restrictions requires a different analysis and advice than an individual who develops neck and back pain following a rear-end motor vehicle crash that impairs their ability to do the things they love like playing ball with their children or gardening or riding a bike.

Philosophy and Promise

My central litigation philosophy is this: minute details and small idiosyncrasies often determine the outcome of cases. It is my job to learn those details and give advice that considers all those critical, big and small, facts. I want to, and promise to, be a team with my client. I believe that a team approach will lead to two critical things: One, you will have a greater understanding of court procedures that govern your case, the issues in dispute and why they are being disputed and the potential risks and benefits of


. Secondly, I believe the extensive client input and involvement will

lead to better results and at a minimum, better understanding of the options and more informed decision making. To me, that results in a more satisfying outcome. I cannot promise winning every time, but I can promise to make sure that you will make fully informed decisions and those decisions will be yours and about you, not mine or about me.

by Attorney

Jim Batchelor

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