Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims in Minneapolis can be very complicated.

Personal Injury_Batchelor Law FirmA personal injury can strike in an instant. The sudden, unexpected and random nature of these occurrences makes them difficult to deal with physically, emotionally and economically. We understand that difficulty and have the tools to deal with any crisis immediately.

A motor vehicle collision, dog attack, a construction accident or a slip and fall that leaves you in need of medical care and uncertain about who will pay or how the bills will be paid can be frustrating and difficult. Insurers that refuse to accept responsibility for medical bills or property damage or simply move too slowly only compounds the difficulty and increases the stress on you.

At Batchelor Law Firm, P.A. we understand the entire impact an injury can have on you. It is not just about money and missed work. The pain you endure and loss of your lifestyle can effect your quality of life after a personal injury.

Missed time from work and lost wages causes stress. A child suffering a dog attack and requiring medical care needs.
No – Fault claims and personal injury lawsuits of all varieties including, but not limited to, car crashes, dog bites, products that deform or injure, construction incidents and slip and falls.

Jim Batchelor will not just sign up your case and assign it to an assistant to handle. He will direct each action taken on your claim personally. He will involve you directly in any strategy or planning decisions and then he will personally execute that plan. He believes strongly that intimate knowledge of the smallest details of a claim play a critical role in allowing him to advocate successfully for you and can make the difference between success and failure in a negotiation or a trial.

Facts about Personal Injury claims:

  • Minnesota Law requires all owners of a motor vehicle to carry a minimum level of insurance that includes no fault coverage: $20,000.00 in medical expenses/ $20,000.00 in wage loss.
  • No fault coverage can be stacked to double or even triple the minimum requirements referenced above. Insurers will not always advise you of stacked coverage.
  • Minnesota Law requires special licensing for dangerous dogs but also holds all dog owners strictly liable for
    unprovoked attacks by their dogs.
  • If you sustain an injury at work that resulted from the negligence of a third party, you will have two avenues of recovery: workers compensation and a third party claim against the negligent party.

Jim Batchelor focuses on helping people with a wide variety or f personal injury claims. He provides a free consultation on the phone or in-person at any one of his five convenient office locations. If you or a loved one has potential claim for a bodily injury, find out how Batchelor Law Firm, P.A. can help you. Call Jim at +1 (612) 349-2737 or email him at for a free consultation.

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