Worker’s Compensation

In Minneapolis – Worker’s Comp Claims can be complicated.

Workers Compensation_Batchelor Law FirmWork-related injuries can happen in an instant or result from long term wear and tear on the body from work activities. Some employers maintain that workers are independent contractors and not employees at all.

Some insurers will argue that an injury resulted from a previous condition and not from work. Some will underpay wages and not include all eligible earnings when they calculate how much you are owed in weekly benefits. Whatever the issue, the workers’ compensation system is complicated. The statute is over 20 pages long and the rules interpreting the statute require 400 pages. Thus, if you have sustained a work injury, admitted or not, it is important to talk to a lawyer about your rights.

James A. Batchelor started helping injured workers navigate the workers compensation system over 21 years ago. He has handled well over 2500 workers compensation claims and tried more than 300 cases in front of judges at the Office of Administrative hearings. He appeared in front of the Court of Appeals many times and three of his cases have reached the Minnesota
State Supreme Court.

James A. Batchelor’s philosophy puts your interest at the forefront of your case management. He will tailor the litigation strategy to the specific facts of your claim and your individual life situation. He will not sign up a client and have his staff handle the claim. He will direct each action taken on a claim and then involve you directly in contemplating and planning strategy. He will then perform the work himself. He believes strongly that this direct involvement gives him the critical and intimate knowledge of the facts needed to successfully advocate for you. He believes the knowledge of these subtle details can often be the difference between winning and losing at trial.


Facts about Worker’s Compensation and Work Injuries:

  • Failure to report a work injury to an employer/supervisor within the proper .amount of time can lead to denial or forfeiture of a workers’ compensation claim.
  • The surviving dependent family members of a person who dies from their work injuries may be entitled to death and dependency benefits for financial support.
  • Workers’ compensation benefits cover an injured employee’s lost income and medical bills. They can also help with job search or job retaining, and/or compensation for permanent injuries.
  • An employee’s pre-injury wage often determines the value of a claim as well as benefits available. Employers and Insurers do not always accurately calculate that wage.
  • Many insurers will deny a claim on grounds an injury did not occur within “the course and scope” of an injured person’s employment. The courts have interpreted that language extensively over the years and knowing upon which facts the court relies is critical to effectively establishing a claim.

James A. Batchelor is experienced at helping people with workers’ compensation claims. He provides a free initial consultation and as many free consultations as you require after that. There is no fee until you recover. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, find out how Batchelor Law Firm, P.A. can help you. Call us at (612) 349.2737 or email Jim at

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